We would be pleased to offer you more than standard services so that you can fully enjoy your holiday.

A unique offer, which provides no other charter company

Transportation with a luxury limousine
We are pleased to offer you transport, eg:

-from / to Split 80 EUR for 4 persons (directly to the ship)
-from / to Zadar 100 EUR for 4 persons (directly to the ship)

-from / to Bratislava 480 EUR for 3 persons (or 600 EUR for 4-6 Pers.im Minivan)
-from / to Prague 590 EUR for 3 persons (or 720 EUR for 4-6 persons in the minivan)

Individual transport in a luxurious 2-engine aircraft Diamond 42
-from / to Bratislava 2 700 EUR for 2-3 persons (flight duration 2: 15h, check-in 20 minutes before the departure)

-from / to the desired destination in Slovenia (Pieštany, Žilina, Sliač, Poprad, Košice) 2 900 EUR for 2-3 persons (flight duration 2:30 – 3: 00h, check-in 20 minutes before departure)

-from / to the desired destination in the Czech Republic (Prague, Ostrava, Olomouc, Hradec Králové, Liberec, Pilsen, České Budějovice) 3 200 EUR for 2-3 persons (flight duration 2:45 – 3: 45h, Before departure

Professional staff on board

Skipper (Mandatory if there is no captain’s captain):
-200 EUR per day
-1050 EUR per day

Asistent of the skipper / cook:
-120 EUR per day
-720 EUR per week, depending on the period requested

Stewardes / Hostess:
-150- 200 EUR per day
-900- 1050 EUR per week, depending on the period requested


Our stewardesses on our yachts: 

Organization of programs as desired

We would be glad to organize entertainment programs and day-to-day activities for you. For your family entertainment all day long – water fun, water skiing, paragliding, fishing trips, excursions, trips to the towns, nature, the archipelago Komati resp. (Split, Šibenik, Tribuni, Trogir), Solaris beach resort with Aquapark, the beautiful island of Hvar with exciting nightlife and unique azuric coves and many other attractions.

VIP reservation :
Thanks to our contacts, we can offer you VIP reservations of tables, in exclusive restaurants and guest houses with traditional local cuisine, which are located directly at the port. Of course also reservations for seats in exclusive bars, VIP boxes in selected entertainment establishments, as well as admission for current events, concerts and other entertainments for all ages.

Photo / Videodocumentation:
If desired, we keep their experiences on professionally produced photos and with modern videotechnology, including exclusive, pictures from the helicopter, in 4K resolution.

Audio video on board:
If desired, we can also offer you a suitable music device with powerful portable speakers (BOSE SoundLink Bluetooth III), which give them an unforgettable listening experience and the opportunity to enjoy their pleasure also in the most remote places on the sea. A self-evident are different DVDs and Blu-Ray titles, as well as satellite TVs and hard discs with movies and serials for adults and children.

Professional catering on request
Garnish, cold plates, various salads, fresh fruits and vegetables, sushi, fresh fish, grilled meat, alcoholic / non-alcoholic beverages, cocktails and the like Their yacht. For us a pleasure to organize everything for them.

Breakfast for 6 people:
-110 EUR / day
-580 EUR / day

Garnish plates (cold buffet) for 6 persons
-70 EUR / day
-390 EUR / week

Platters (cold buffet) for 6 persons:
– 130 EUR / day
– 680 EUR / week

Alcohol-free beverage pack for 1 week:
300 EUR included:
-12 bottles of water without carbonic acid 1.5 L
-12 bottles of carbonated water 1.5 l
-12 bottles of Cola, Fanta, Sprite 2 L
-6 boxes Fruxi Fresh 100%, juice (orange, apple) 3 L
-24 bottles Acaico Smoothie Superfruit Drink 0.33 L

Alcoholic drinks:

Moet Chandon Brut Imperial / Veuve Clicquot Brut 12%, 0.75 L
-380 EUR / 6 bottles

Dom Perignon Vintage 2004, 12.5%, 0.75 L
-1050 EUR / 6 bottles

Ron Zacapa Centenario X.O. 25YO 40%, 0.70 L
-170 EUR / 1 bottle

Hennessy X.O. Exclusive Collection 40%, 0.70 L
-290 EUR / 1 bottle

Hennessy Paradis 40%, 0.70 L
-850 EUR / 1 bottle

Vodka Rusky Standart Imperia / Gray Goose 40% 1.00 L
-130 EUR / 2 bottles

Vodka Double Cross 40%, 0.70 L
-150 EUR / 2 bottles

Of course all your other wishes and needs will be appreciated by us at any time

All the above mentioned services, as well as other wishes to measure should be consulted with us, about 6-8 weeks before boarding, and fixed reservations should be made at least 4 weeks before. Of course, we will be happy to meet all your all sorts of wishes and wishes Requirements.